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Papagrigoriou Winery is located in Anchilaos west of Thessaloniki and is involved in the production of wines and tsipouro from fine varieties of grapes.
Today, after three generations from its foundation, the newest members of Papagrigoriou family have actively undertaken the continuation of the successful path of the Winery’s wines and traditional tsipouro in the market.

In our Winery, we choose as raw materials the best varieties of grapes from Greece and abroad and we produce a vast wine selection such as Merlot, Syrah, Granaz, Rouge, Moschomavro και Moscato red wines and also Roditis, Ugni Βlanc, Savatiano and Zoumiatiko white wines. In addition, we deal with the production of traditional tsipouro in pot stills that we put on the market as a bulk product.
Our philosophy is based on the combination of the traditional way of wine production with modern processing methods while complying with the safety and hygiene requirements.
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At Papagrigoriou Winery, in Thessaloniki, we aim at producing quality products that perfectly appeal to your tastes and always can accompany all your meals.

Our Land

The history of Anchialos village began when the first 450 refugees from Anchialos of Eastern Rumelia, carrying their memories and few possessions, settled there. Being vine-growers, they set up their new life based on viticulture by using tools, vines and secrets that they brought with them.
By 1928, they managed to plant 7,500 hectares of vines and in 1928, against all odds, the settlement was designated as a community and a Community store, a primary school and a church were built. The economic life of the area is based solely on viticulture and its products.

In 1955, the first wine festival of Anchialos was launched and since 1958 it is organized on an annual basis. The reputation of Anchialos wines is spread throughout Greece.
In 1930, the first vintage took place and the first tsipouro cauldrons, brought painstakingly by the residents of Anchialos, were used. Since 1933, the wines of the producers from Anchialos are rewarded constantly at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki and they became famous and sought after in Macedonia.

Today, 1500 hectares of vines are cultivated in Anchialos and new ones are planted constantly. The wine is produced with the same traditional way combined with modern techniques and equipment. The love for vine and wine plus the capability of the residents of Anchialos to generate admirable products from ordinary stuff guarantee the continuation of a great tradition scrupulously observed for more than a century!