Special Packages

Dry White

Produced from fine variety of grapes Roditis, Zoumiatiko and Savatiano. Balanced taste with particular aromas and characteristics. Served at 6 °C.

Dry Red

Dry red wine from exceptional combinations of grape varieties with balanced taste and intense aromas. Served at 16 °C.

Semi-sweet Red

Semi-sweet red wine with aromas of fine grapes.
Served at 16 °C.


A special kind of wine with an absolute Greek identity that is vinified using an old recipe and technique from our grandparents.


Its distillation runs slowly in a copper pot still, using the traditional recipe and the technique used by our grandparents. Due to the complexity of its flavor, it is considered as a highly esteemed alcoholic drink for many consumers. A product that Papagrigoriou family is proud of.